Testing labaratories

Accreditation Certificate No.

Accredited Body

Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Research Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology “Georgi D. Efremov”
Av. “Krste Misirkov” No. 2, 1000 Skopje Republic of Macedonia
Short description of the scope
Molecular characterization of monogenic diseases (thalassemia, cystic fibrosis, haemophilia) and other inherited conditions (Y-chromosome microdeletions, trombophilia)
Genetic testing of breast cancer (BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations)
Prenatal diagnosis of the most common chromosomal aneuploidies (13, 18, 21 and XY)
Determination of amino acid status in plasma and urine
Familiar relationship testing using DNA methods
Molecular detection and quantification of infectious agents causing diseases (HCV, HBV, HPV)
Microbial identification with MALDI-TOF, Saramis
Detection of Copy number variations in human genome (Muscular dystrophy/ developmental delay/ autism/ Microdeletional syndromes/ Causes of spontaneous miscarriages and aborted material/ Spinal muscular atrophy / Tuberose sclerosis / Neurofibromathosis / Sex related diseases / Androgen receptor / Fanconi anemia
Molecular characterization of rare inherited diseases using Next Generation Sequencing technologies
First accreditation
Certificate valid until 26.11.2019