Regular Annual Meeting of Accreditation Bodies from the Region and participation on "2018 Quality Week”

Within the defined programme activities on expanding and strengthening the regional cooperation, in the period between February 28th and March 2nd, 2018, employees of the Institute for Accreditation of Republic of Macedonia (IARM) had a regular work visit of the Accreditation Body of Serbia (ATS), which was host and organiser of the Regular Annual Meeting of Accreditation Bodies from the Region.
This meeting is organized on the basis of the bilateral cooperation agreements signed by the national accreditation bodies from the region, and was attended by representatives from Macedonia (IARM), Serbia (ATS) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BATA).
During the meeting, the results of mutual cooperation at annual level were summarised, while analysing and discussing issues in the field of accreditation, the experience policies of maintaining and upgrading the quality management systems, the state of play, the benefits from implementing quality system in terms of accreditation, the state of national quality infrastructure, and the development plans and directions for system harmonisation as per the requirements of international documents. Particular focus of interest were the transitional periods for adjustment and application of new issues of the EN ISO/IEC 17011 and 17025 standards, and application of the mandatory documents arising thereof, the preparations and results of regular peer evaluation for the EA MLA agreements, the formal-legal, and material-legal frameworks and foundations of the legal and economic operation of the bodies in the region, other current issues, and the exchange of experiences and assessors. The meeting was officialised by signing regional agreements on extending the cooperation among the national accreditation bodies.
Within the framework of this working meeting, the Institute for Accreditation of the Republic of Macedonia (IARM) completed another regular activity, which is participation of the 27th event "2018 Quality Week" organized by the Economic Chamber of Serbia and the Fund for Culture of Quality and Excellence in Belgrade and the ATS.
This event, which was of international nature, the acting director of the IARM had an official address in front of the numerous participants-experts for science and economy, and competent persons for quality. In doing so, it presented the work of the IARM so far and the development plants and directions, focusing on the importance and role of accreditation in terms of ensuring quality in the life and work all within the event motto, as well as the importance and benefits of accreditation for national economies by maintaining the international agreements for mutual recognition of accreditation results, thus ensuring free exchange of goods and services, which is of particular importance for regional development, the importance of cooperation among the national accreditation bodies in the region, the importance of exchanging experiences and experts, aimed at improving the business performance and good policies for economic entities through implementation of quality management systems.