Training for IARM’s assessors and experts


The Institute for Accreditation of the Republic of Macedonia (IARM), has organized a Training for IARM’s assessors and experts, on 4th of April, 2018 in Skopje.


All the active assessors and experts of the IARM were invited to the training, and they came in a very large number.


Lecturers at the training were IARM’s assessors, employed in IARM, as well as one lead / technical assessor for calibration laboratories employed at the Bureau of Metrology of the Republic of Macedonia.


During the training the new and amended documents were presented of the IARM (procedures and forms) that are part of the corrective measures undertaken in relation to the findings of the last peer evaluation of the IARM, realized from November 13th to 17th, 2017.


Special emphasis was put on the application of the documents in practice, when assessing the conformity assessment bodies.


All the participants were extremely active and the training was followed by an interactive discussion.