IB-095 MG Auto Inspekt DOO Tetovo

Accreditation Certificate No.
Accredited Body
MG Auto Inspekt DOO Tetovo
Ul. Skopski pat no.7 1200 Tetovo
Tel. 044 332 678 / 02 6161 800
Short description of the scope
1.Individual vehicle approval L, M, N, O, T, R, C, S
2.Approval of altered and repaired vehicles
3.Vehicle type approval
4.Logging of changes to the vehicle
5.Inspection of vehicle for Road worthiness (ECMT)
6.Identification and evaluation of technical status of the mobile machines in the part that concerns of the dangers that result from their mobility
7.Inspection in determining and embossing the identification marks on vehicles (chassis number and engine number)
First accreditation
Certificate valid until