Regular Annual Meeting of Accreditation Bodies from the Region and participation on “2022 Quality Week”

Within the defined programme activities on expanding and strengthening the regional cooperation, in the period between March 10th and March 11th, 2022, employees of the Institute for Accreditation of Republic of Macedonia (IARNM) had a regular work visit of the Accreditation Body of Serbia (ATS), which was host and organiser of the Regular Annual Meeting of Accreditation Bodies from the Region.  

       This meeting is organized on the basis of the bilateral cooperation agreements signed by the national accreditation bodies from the region, and was attended by representatives from Macedonia (IARNM), Serbia (ATS) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BATA).

The meeting summarized the results of mutual cooperation on an annual basis, analyzed and discussed issues in the field of accreditation, empirical policies for maintenance and upgrading of quality management systems, analysis of the situation, work in pandemic conditions, the benefits of system implementation for quality from the aspect of accreditation, the situation with the national quality infrastructure, development plans and directions for harmonization of the systems in accordance with the requirements of the international documents. Particularly in the focus of interest were the activities related to the realized peer evaluation assessments for the EA MLA contracts, formal-legal and material-legal frameworks for the work of the bodies from the region and other current issues and exchange of experiences and evaluators.
Within this working meeting, the Accreditation Institute of the Republic of Northern Macedonia (IARNM) achieved another regular activity, which is participation in the 31st event “Quality Week 2022” organized by the Fund for Culture of Quality and Excellence from Belgrade.
At the Manifestation, which was of international character, the Director of the IARNM had an official address to the numerous participants – experts in science and economy and competent persons for quality.