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Participation in EUROLAB National Members’ Meeting and Accompanying Events 2022 (October 20-21, 2022, Istanbul, Turkey)

At the invitation of the general secretary of EUROLAB, the director of IARNM took an active part in the National Members’ Annual Meeting of EUROLAB and Accompanying Events, organized within it, including: The International Conference “Lab of the Future, Future of the Labs” and the Seminar on “Best Practices for Sustainable Laboratories”.

In the activities in the presence of a hundred international participants-representatives from different sectors and experts, the opportunities and challenges that laboratories face or will face in terms of technological and sustainable development were discussed, with which the best practices for sustainability of labs were shared as well. Particular attention was paid to the main vectors influencing the tools and directions for the “Lab of the future”, taking into account various factors, including new areas in the field of testing, industrial development and perspective, cyber security and digital transformation.