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Conformity assessment bodies (CABs )

  • The Accreditation Law
  • The Regulation for the Accreditation Procedure (R 03)
  • The Regulation of the General Requirements for the competence of the Conformity Assessment Bodies (R 04)
  • Regulation on Requirements for use of the accreditation mark, text reference to accreditation and reference to IARM’s EA MLA Signatory status (R 05)
  • Appeals and Complaints rules and procedures (R 08)
  • The Regulation of Requirements for the Participation in Proficiency Testing and Interlaboratory Comparisons (R 06)
  • The Regulation for the mode of supplying the measurement traceability in Republic of Macedonia (R 11)
  • The Regulation for the Compensation Rates for the services provided by IARM (R 10)
  • The List of EA documents (E-A 1/01)
  • The Regulation for determining the scopes of calibration, testing, certification and inspection (R15)
  • Procedure for Occurrence of Change in Accredited Bodies (PR 05-05)
  • Procedure for assessment and accreditation of sampling methods(PR 05-11)
  • Procedure for applying MKТC CEN/TS 15675: 2009 in accreditation procedure of laboratories for testing emissions from stationary sources( PR 05-13)
  • Procedure for accreditation of flexible scope(PR 05-09)