What is

Accreditation is a formal recognition of eligibility to perform certain set of activities. In the accreditation procedure, all testing or calibration laboratories can be included, as well as bodies for products, systems and personnel certification and inspection bodies. They can act alone or as a part of larger systems. The base for the activities in the scope of accreditation, testing, certification and control are the standards of the ЕN 45000 and ISO 17000 series. IARM is an organized authority operating according to the standard МКС EN ISO/IEC 17011. In the course of its work, IARM shall make use of other EA documents which in greater detail regulate the above stated standards for particular accreditation areas.

The decision on accreditation is made on voluntary basis. In a non- discriminatory manner, accreditation is accessible to every client submitting an accreditation application to the IARM. For the purposes of testing, calibration, certification and inspection in the regulated area, the accreditation is to be stipulated in primary or secondary legislation and shall act as basis for acquiring authorization by a relevant ministry.