Participation in the international organizations for accreditation (EA, ILAC, IAF) is of immense importance. By the very partaking of the representatives of the IARM in the work of the authorities, technical bodies of the EA that regularly meet twice a year, as well as the attendance to the working meetings, the IARM is provided the opportunity to directly engage its recourses in the development (guidance) and enforcement of the accreditation policy in Europe. Similarly, the application of the accreditation practice, for the members of the international associations for accreditation represents the grounds for signing a contract for mutual recognition of accreditation. This contract acts as one of the main aims to every accreditation body and in parallel poses a significant factor in the reduction of the trade barriers.

The main task of the technical bodies of the EA is harmonization of the procedures for accreditation for each accreditation field. The working meetings of the Committees enable an informal exchange of opinions on existing issues associated to accreditation and related activities such as the promotion of accreditation.
Representatives of the IARM actively participate in the work of the EA Assembly and Committees:
  • EA General Assembly
  • EA MAC EA – multi-lateral agreement committee
  • EA CC – EA Certification Committee
  • EA LC – EA Laboratory Committee
  • IC – EA Inspection Committee
  • EA CPC – EA Communication and Publication Committee
  • EA HHC – EA Horizontal harmonisation committee

In addition to the Standing Committees in the EA, also, “ad hoc” working groups are established composed of experts in particular areas. They have technical scope, are in charge of guiding technical activities of the EA Committees and drafting various documents and guidelines.