In the frame of the technical development cooperation between the governments of the Republic of Macedonia and Federal Republic of Germany the Project for transposition of the technical EU directives into the Macedonian legislation is ongoing. 

For the realization of determined activities of the Project, Sector Committees are established, assembled by experts from appropriate sectors and coordinators.
1. Sector committee for electric, electronic and electrical machines     
                    – coordinator   Dragan Velevski
                    – expert            Sasho Andonov, CAA- Civil Aviation Authority
                    – expert            Zdravko Andonov, Faculty of Electrical Engeenering and Information technology – Skopje

2. Sector committee for pressure equipment, transportable pressure equipment and steel building products
                     – coordinator     NatasaNestorovska Spasovska
                     – expert               Martin Velkovski, FAKOM
                     – expert               Gjorgji Adziev , Mechanical Faculty – Skopje
3. Sector committee for lifts and weightlifting equipment  
                     – coordinator     Teodora Tasevska
                     – expert              Viktor Gavrilovski, Mechanical Faculty – Skopje
                     – expert              Goran Sekovski ,Alex Stewart- Skopje  

4. Sector committee for building products
                     –  coordinator   Vesna Georgievska
                     – expert              Srebro Tomov, Civil Engineering Institute “Macedonia” Skopje
                     – expert              Sonja Cerepnalkovska, Standardisation institute of the Republic of Macedoniа
5. Sector committee for vehicle 
                     – coordinator      Dejan Stojkovski
                     – expert               Gjorgji Krajcev, Mak Auto Star
                     – expert               Milan Kosevski, Mechanical Faculty – Skopje
6. Sector committee for conditions in which technical equioment is used  
                     – coordinator      Anita Talaja
                     – expert             Jasmina Calovska, Mechanical Faculty – Skopje
                     – expert             Zoran Panov, Faculty of natural and technical sciences
Coordinators for all sector committees are representatives  from  IARM`s  staff.