The Fifth International Conference on “Quality and competence 2022” was held

Organized by the Institute for Accreditation of the Republic of North Macedonia (IARNM) and the Macedonian Association of Laboratories (MAKLAB) from 29th of September to 1st of October, 2022, the Fifth International Conference on “Quality and Competence 2022” was held in Silex Hotel, Ohrid.

       The conference, which for the fifth time was organized  in the country, caused wide interest among the interested entities, especially among the laboratories and inspection bodies.

      MSc. Sloboden Chokrevski – Director of IARNM, MSc. Magdalena Trajkovska Trpevska – President of MAKLAB, Dr. Davor Zvizdić, President of the Croatian Association of Laboratories KROLAB, Mrs. Laura Martini – Secretary General of EUROLAB and the representative of TURCLAB gave speeches at the event.

The thematic units of the Conference were:

– National and European legal framework for quality assurance, Promotion of accreditation as confirmation of quality

– Basic principles and development trends in testing laboratories,

calibration and inspection bodies, how much and how we use the modern technologies

– Experiences of accreditation bodies from the region

-Testing and control in the environment, industry and agriculture

– The role of laboratories in the development of the economy

– Examination and certification of products intended for the domestic market and for the European markets and the same, as expected, aroused the interest of domestic and international authors, so a total of 12 paper works were presented at the Conference in front of around 90 participants. Among them, two presentations were prepared by the participants from IARSM.

The purpose of the Conference was to provide a contribution to the development and improvement of the quality and competence of laboratories, inspection and certification bodies, laboratory practice and the exchange of experiences between conformity assessment bodies and institutions from the region and beyond, and of course to improve the quality of life and work.

       Within the event, IARNM hosted the regular Regional Meeting of Accreditation Bodies – Experiences of Accreditation Bodies from the Region. Development experiences and plans for future activities of the national accreditation bodies were shared and exchanged at the meeting, as well as the challenges and changes they face in their daily operations. The meeting is regularly organized on the basis of the Bilateral Cooperation Agreements of the national accreditation bodies from the region and beyond (Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina).